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Mar 29
“Oddly enough, the politicians who most loudly condemn liberal policies as socialist conspiracies are often the ones who try to enact the most repressive tenets of socialism. When it comes to moral ideology, conservatives in this country are even more socialist than liberals. The recent wave of health bills attempting to place limits on a woman’s reproductive freedoms, from proposed mandatory transvaginal ultrasound tests in Virginia to Arizona’s law requiring women to tell their employers that they use birth control, make China’s draconian reproductive policies look humane. As anyone who has lived in a socialist country can testify, the worst thing about socialism is the invasion of privacy, and the best things are governmental policies that benefit everyone, not just the rich and privileged. It is time for conservatives to wise up, and stop badmouthing socialism — because they’re really pointing the finger at themselves.”

Yunte Huang, In defense of socialism

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Feb 14